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Posts published by “awidemercyfather54”

Signs of Baby Reflux

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Vomiting is a common condition in young children. For babies, the digestive system is immature and weak. It does not synchronize the valves in the stomach. Vomiting in children is…

coming clean

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I come to this space. I write, then I delete. I can’t say that. I’m not ready to share that. It’s too off-topic. Too much, too raw, too un-Christian, too…

Time does not heal.

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Time does not heal. I hate the word “grace.” I feel guilty saying that. I know I’m supposed to feel something when I hear it. But it’s a nonsense word…

On Moving On

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“Hello?” I’m standing in the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. I glance at the time as I answer. 8:14. We should be getting in the car right this minute. Behind…