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How to choose a bureau for technical translation of documents?

Technical translation of various documentation is associated with a number of specific nuances. The main difficulties are associated with a large number of highly specialized terminology. At the same time, when translating technical texts from English and other languages, situations often arise when a particular word has no analogues in the recipient language, and the size of the original text can range from 2-3 pages to several hundred sheets. It should also be borne in mind that almost all technical documentation requires notarial confirmation. In this case, the choice of a bureau should be taken as responsibly as possible, so that later you do not have to pay twice for the same work. What criteria should you pay attention to when looking for a company?

Reputation and reviews
It is better to entrust the implementation of complex technical translations to an organization that is well known in the market and has been working in this field for more than one year. TR Publish has been providing professional translation services since 1996. During this time, our translation agency has processed about 1 million pages of text in more than 70 languages ​​of the world. A significant indicator of professionalism is also the availability of reviews from well-known companies and government organizations.

It is problematic to assess the quality of translations without knowledge of the language. However, by looking at the portfolio, you can get a general idea of ​​what texts the translators of the agency work with, whether there are examples of similar technical documentation in the direction you are interested in among the presented works.

Requirements for translators
The most important indicator is whether employees have specialized higher education. If you need a translation from Russian into a foreign language, you should clarify whether the company can entrust the execution of the order to a native speaker. A significant advantage of the agency is the presence of various awards and certificates.

Real terms
One should not expect that a serious scientific work, occupying more than 100 pages of printed text, will be translated on the same day. Several specialists may be involved in the work on large projects at the same time, but even in this case, it will take time for a high-quality translation and document preparation. So, in TR Publish at standard rates you can get up to 8 accounting pages (14,400 characters with spaces) per day. Orders requiring translation of more than 8 pages per day are billed as urgent, and from 20 pages – as extra urgent. In the latter case, proofreading of the texts by the editor is not performed.

The bureau, confident in the qualifications of its employees and the high quality of work, almost always guarantees a 100% refund of the translation cost in case of poor quality of the text, detection of errors and typos. If the company cannot provide such guarantees, the risk of getting a pig in a poke is very high – especially if the prices are much lower than market prices.