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If you have ever wondered where the French language and french to english came from and how it is related to other languages, then in this article you will find basic information about it. She may be able to help you decide to enroll in a French course.

French belongs to the group of Romance languages, but this has nothing to do with the fact that French is also called the language of love. In a purely linguistic sense, the term “roman” has nothing to do with love and romance. This word comes from the word “Roman” (Roman) and simply means “borrowed from Latin”.

The complete classification of the French language family is as follows:

Indo-European –> Italic –> Romance languages

• Indo-European is the largest language family in the world. It includes most of the languages ​​of Europe, the Americas, and Asia, including such distinct languages ​​as Latin, Greek, Russian, Persian, and Sanskrit.

• The Italian language is mainly related to the Latin language.

• Romance languages ​​originally originated in Western Europe, but the colonial era contributed to their spread throughout the world.

Even though French is a Romance language, which, as you already know, means that it is based on Latin, French has a number of characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of the members of this language family.

Among the Romance languages and english to french, the following languages ​​are distinguished:

1. Catalan

2. French

3. Italian language

4. Moldovan language

5. Portuguese

6. Provencal

7. Romansh

8. Romanian

9. Sardinian

10. Spanish