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Speaking practice

Any conversation about english to french is, by definition, spontaneous: if students ask real questions, not those recommended in the textbook, and try to give informative answers to them, they will inevitably find themselves in a situation where they want to say something, but do not know how to do it, or know word, but are not sure of its pronunciation, or have difficulty using a particular construction. If the class is large, and students work in pairs and groups, then the teacher simply does not physically have the opportunity to listen to all students all the time. Therefore, it will be logical if students use dictionaries, reference books french to english, thesauri (both paper and electronic) – everything that can help them find the answer to the question and continue communication. In this case, you can also ask students to write down any language difficulties that have arisen on a separate sheet. The teacher can collect such sheets at the end of the lesson, analyze, and, if necessary, study or repeat the topics that caused the greatest difficulties.