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How to check the quality of the translation of a drawing?

Often, the customer of a complex translation of a drawing does not know the foreign language into which it should be performed, at the level necessary to check the quality of the work performed. At the same time, inaccuracies made can have negative consequences, up to incorrect operation and failure of one or another equipment, building or structure. In order to make sure that the translation of documents has been performed at the proper level, there are a number of effective methods and technical means.

Ways to check the quality of a translation of a drawing
First of all, the work of the translator must be visually inspected. Already at this stage, it is possible to identify whether digital data, units of measurement and other indicators correspond to the original text. Also, this method helps to determine if the translation text contains text offsets, missing columns and columns of tables, and other obvious omissions that can distort the meaning of the drawing.

At the next stage, it is advisable to use computer quality control tools (the so-called QA programs). There is a wide choice of them (for example, Xbench, ErrorSpy, Verifka, etc.), as

well as the corresponding online systems that do not require special installation. They allow you to identify errors such as the inconsistency of syntactic constructions in the original and translation, grammatical and punctuation errors. Also, with their help, you can identify words and their combinations that are not characteristic of the analyzed type of text, inconsistency of numerical data, tautology. If the customer has a ready-made glossary, then with the help of these programs it is possible to establish the correctness of the terms used by the translator, and their compliance with the specifics of the drawing.

If, after completing these stages, the customer still has doubts about the quality of the work performed, it is advisable to transfer it for proofreading and editing to another translation agency or a third-party specialist. This will allow the most reliable verification of the correctness of the final text, but will entail additional costs for the client.